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It’s Like a Secret Lyrics by Skullcrusher, from the album “Quiet the Room”, music has been produced by Andrew Sarlo, Runnner & Skullcrusher, and It’s Like a Secret song lyrics are penned down by Skullcrusher.

It’s Like a Secret Lyrics

It’s like a secret
And in order to share it
I’ll have to bring you within
And see it all through your eyes

I read a story today
She put in words this feeling
And I’m still living in it
I see you through the window

Now we are driving through green
My head is pressed to my knees
And I can feel you thinking
“What is this space in between?”

And I can’t measure it
The asymptotic miss
The place I want to be
The one I cannot see
The anger in my love
The words I can’t think of
The choices I have made
The parts I can’t explain

And I hear you at the gate
And I hear you at the gate
And I hеar you at the gate
And I hear you at thе gate


Song: It’s Like a Secret
Album: Quiet the Room (2022)
Singer: Skullcrusher
Music: Andrew Sarlo, Runnner & Skullcrusher
Lyrics: Skullcrusher

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