Johanna Constant Teen Lyrics by NOFX, from the album “Double Album“, music has been produced by Fat Mike, Bill Stevenson & Jason Livermore, and Johanna Constant Teen song lyrics are penned down by Fat Mike.

Johanna Constant Teen Lyrics

A woman that has not quite been decanted
Will so often be forsaken and taken for granted
Maybe some flowers just don’t care enough to bloom
‘Cause they’d rather live longer and spend every day in a costume

Don’t you know a true maestro
That knows their expertise
Won’t let themselves love themselves
More than they love their masterpiece?

That’s Johanna
This Constantine is a constant teen
How can such a meek girl have a streak so mean?
She’ll dish out your penance with a Florentine
There’s the ego-driven, then there’s the always-giving
Not concerned with selfless self-esteems
Johanna’s not just livin’
She’s livin’ out my dreams


Song: Johanna Constant Teen
Album: Double Album (2022)
Singer: NOFX
Music: Fat Mike, Bill Stevenson & Jason Livermore
Lyrics:Fat Mike

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