Meant To Be Lyrics by Wilco, from the album “Cousin“, music has been produced by Cate Le Bon, and Meant To Be song lyrics are penned down by Jeff Tweedy.

Meant To Be Lyrics

If my words say what you meant to say
Doesn’t that say we were meant to feel this way?

Holding our hearts closer together
Keeping to ourselves an empty sea
So we can believe
Our love is meant to be

A lonely man throws himself on an open flame
Doesn’t that say he should have found another way?

Hold my heart
Closer to yours
Vacation is starting
You’re not coming home
To me
Do you still believe?
Our love is meant to be

Each day is longer
Than the onе before
Fewеr left
Less and less
I need you more

Telling myself
I can wait forever
Holding my thoughts
Far away from never
Keeping to myself
And I still believe you’re the only one
Our love is meant to be
It is to me


Song: Meant To Be
Artist: Wilco
Album: Cousin (2023)
Music: Cate Le Bon
Lyrics: Jeff Tweedy

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