Menace ll Society Lyrics by Yungeen Ace & Rob49, from the album “Survivor of the Trenches“, music has been produced by K Hendrix & TAPEKID, and Menace ll Society song lyrics are penned down by Yungeen Ace, FastMoney Goon & Nemii.

Menace ll Society Lyrics

Ayy, you know I can go either way on this bitch
Gang, gang, ayy, ayy

It’s like four inside the morning
Groupie hoes up in this bitch and all my brothers horny
But I can’t let a bitch get one up
I’m bipolar, I get to trippin’, I’ll put a bitch up
Purple Celine and Amiri jeans
Ridin’ foreign cars, livin’ my biggest dream
Feel like I got rebirth when I was sixteen
I been running through them streets and it ain’t what it seems

Yeah, I turned trapping to a habit
Groupie hoes, I’m still bagging
I did bad shit with D3 ’cause that’s my brother, yeah (‘Cause that’s my brother, yeah)
I flew pounds back from Cali’, I’m a trapper and a rapper
Told my bro put on his mask ’cause he a savage (‘Cause he a savage, yеah)
Yeah, walk it like you talk it, what the fuck you lyin’ for?
Thеm vultures, we on defense, why we got that iron tucked
Still’ll pull up Cayenne, that’s the Porsche, you dig?
Still’ll serve a mean junkie on the porch, you dig?
Yeah, I’m with, I’m with Ace and them, going ape shit
He wanna squash it face to face, he tryna give ’em face slips
I was dead broke, niggas ain’t see potential
House arrest for seven months, where was you niggas?

PTSD, past playing with my mental
I can’t go on pain, a little sentimental
I be puttin’ my all inside these instrumentals
I ask the Lord to forgive me, know that I’m a sinner
Ayy, I was fourteen, knee deep in the streets
I been bangin’ that fire before Miami Heat
Ayy, when the pressure on, I seem to never sleep
I’m quick to creep through a nigga home to put him underneath, gang

Yeah, ain’t no more stolen cars, my brothers just pick me up in an Audi
If it was up to me, take care for life ’cause he was solid
I know I miss D3, but he a menace to society
I wish he was still in jail instead of dead, that’s on my mama
Why me? Still asking, why me?
We did that shit together, but somehow God still let me breathe
I been stuck in the house, it’s fucking me up ’cause I miss Keith
I called him the other day, that shit the same ’cause he miss me

Deep in my thoughts, thinkin’ ’bout my brother Ksoo
Uh, I got your back no matter how this case go
Uh, I can take back when we was both sleeping on the floor
In and out of bandos when we ain’t have nowhere to go
Me and my brother, yeah, we dreamed of this
I got a call from the label, I said we needed this
Now I’m in a big house, came a long way from them rats and roaches
Mattress on the floor, now we having family times all on the sofa

Yeah, how the fuck it’s me?
How the fuck my God chose me? I did bad shit with D (I did)
Got down on my hands and knees, I still pray to my lord like I don’t be sinning
He still pray to his lord like he ain’t kill him (Like he ain’t what?)
Yeah, got tired of gettin’ evicted
Walk in my house, no lights in it

I don’t think nobody feel me
I voice this shit right from the streets so the whole world can feel us
I ain’t had no guidance in the street but dope game and killers (Dope game and killers shit, you heard?)

You know
I’m a menace to society, you know what I’m sayin’?


Song: Menace ll Society
Album: Survivor of the Trenches (2022)
Singer: Yungeen Ace & Rob49
Music: K Hendrix & TAPEKID
Lyrics: Yungeen Ace, Rob49, K Hendrix & TAPEKID

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