Mine Lyrics by Tink & Muni Long, From the Album “Pillow Talk“, Music has been produced by Hitmaka, Yung Ladd, Paul Cabbin & Rock Boy Beats, and Mine lyrics are penned down by Tink & Muni Long.

Mine Lyrics

Better keep your hands up off my man
Told me you were nothin’ more than friends
How could you believe that you’re the one
When I’m the only that gets his love?
Let me fill you in on know who I am
Since you got eyes for my boyfriend
I’m the girl takin’ care of him
You can leave me and mine alone
I don’t wanna play the silly games
Maybe you should stay up in your lane
I don’t have time

I can pull pictures in my phone
He been seein’ me for two years strong
Everything wе have is real and true
I’m sorry you got minе and yours confused
Why you wanna play the silly games?
I don’t have time to talk all day
Makin’ up lies, but I’m unfazed

‘Cause the boy is mine
‘Cause the boy is mine
‘Cause the boy is mine
Yeah, that boy is mine
Ooh, yeah, Muni

Must got me confused with some other chick
I’m not ’bout to fight over outside dick
I can’t even see me with no friendly nigga
You say that’s your man, but baby how you figure?
‘Cause it’s only twenty-four hours in a day
When do he see you? ‘Cause he always in my face
Stayin’ over at my place
For all I know, girl, you’s a lie
Say, “Bye-bye”

‘Cause the boy is mine
(Mine, oh, oh)
‘Cause the boy is mine
‘Cause the boy is mine
(I don’t believe you)
Yeah, that boy is mine
(Mine, m-m-mine, mine, mine, mine, yeah, oh)

Show me evidence if you got proof
I think you’re tryna make me cut him loose
How do you know that it’s not you?
And maybe he been lyin’ to you too
You should fall back and watch your tone
Know you wanna break this happy home
Tryna clap back like that’s your king
Well, girl, that ain’t the case when he’s with me

Said the boy is mine
Boy is mine (Mine)
The boy is mine (Oh, is he really though?)
The boy is mine (Oh, every night, say the boy is mine)
Ooh, yeah, yeah (Mine)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yee-hee, yee-hee)
Oh-oh, ooh-woah-oh, ooh


Song: Mine
Album: Pillow Talk (2022)
Artist: Tink & Muni Long
Music: Hitmaka, Yung Ladd, Paul Cabbin & Rock Boy Beats
Lyrics: Tink & Muni Long

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