minor major (interlude) Lyrics by Naaz, from the album “Never Have I Ever“, music has been produced by Dylan van Dael & Mark van Bruggen, and minor major (interlude) song lyrics are penned down by Naaz.

minor major (interlude) Lyrics

Never will I ever be a kid again
Never have I ever been
I feel shamed by the same walls who saw me grow the body that got me killed
The cold case kept me chilled
So I didn’t rot away in anger
I’m too fun of a woman
I feel like you’d understand her
When she lashes out at her black eyeliner
Another fine for a good driver
See, my mistakes are designer
And you helped mе pay for those
I was a minor

They’ll nevеr stop blaming me
When I act sixteen again
When I scream
I can’t speak my friend
When I leave
It’s not the end
You said you’d understand her
Let her try the never have I ever’s
Never have I ever been mine since I was a minor

So let my messes be major
And my steps the prior
I may be hyper independent
But I’m also an open fire


Song: minor major (interlude)
Album: Never Have I Ever (2023)
Singer: Naaz
Music: Dylan van Dael & Mark van Bruggen
Lyrics: Naaz

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