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Missin u Lyrics by Shygirl, from the album “Nymph“, music has ben produced by Sega Bodega & Shygirl, and Missin u lyrics are penned down by Sega Bodega & Shygirl.

Missin u Lyrics

I still miss my ex, but who wanna be the next ting?
Treat me right every night, beat the pussy to perfection
Every chance I get, I call him round for some sextin’
Put that link to the test, yeah, he got a big erection
Alright, you alright, guess we gotta get to flexing
Next thing I know, you be fucking with my best friend
This dick trash, gotta dash him with rest
Every boy just wanna play, he be playing every day
Can I even catch a break with these hoes runnin’ game now?
Wife for life, yeah, that don’t mean a thing now, uh

But I really, really miss you
Missin’ every touch all the lovin’ and the kissin’
I just want a man, I just want a real man
A guy to hold me down and give me dick when he can
Is that too hard? Is it too much for some?
Guess it really must ’cause I never find the one

That’s too bad


Song: Missin u
Album: Nymph (2022)
Singer: Shygirl
Music: Sega Bodega & Shygirl
Lyrics: Sega Bodega & Shygirl

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