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Never Change Lyrics by Ye Ali, from the album “Private Suite 4: The Mixtape“, music has been produced by Buddaflywolf, and Never Change song lyrics are penned down by Ye Ali.

Never Change Lyrics

I told you that I had selfish ways
I would never let my demons see the light of day
Said I was movin’ hurt and I need therapy
Told me when that money come, I’ll get another chance
I made promises I shouldn’t make
You know I never let them slide or let ’em think they safe (Safe)
I’m in a big body Benz with the baddest bih
I’ve been workin’ over on the greatest shit
I ain’t had no manager
It was just DMac and DJ Back and canabis
In a one-bedroom apartment, trappin’ with them cameras
I ain’t had no money then but I still had fans [?]
I packed up the car, moved it to Los Angeles
Every time I’m in New Jersey, bitch, I’m just like Fabolous
Bitches say, “He cute, fine, professional and he lit”
All of this, oh, yeah
I got bitches that I took on first dates and I ain’t callin’ back
I said, “I had to catch a flight”
She said, “When you comin’ back?”
I said, “I know that pussy good but you ain’t gave me nothin’ for that
I might not come tonight”
I got my ways, yeah
PJs and vacations
I did the things that I shouldn’t have did
This my third life but for once, can I live? (Can I live? Yeah)

Come ride with me
Ni**a, slide with me
This my craft, ten thousand hours, I put my time in it
I never did no bitch or not no crime with it, I
Never banged for my shortcomings, why
Hors d’œuvres, this the second course
If I’m by the Porsche, it ain’t leased, oh, yeah
Their cup is overflowin’
Lucky me, double cup me, oh, yeah
The Lord done blessed me, oh, yeah
I failed at first but I came back for seconds
Soul of a hustler but the silver tongue of a reverend
I’m a smooth talkin’ devil but God possess me
Stop playin’, he could take away your [?] possessions
I could die inside this realm and still come out with blessings
This lil’ light of mine, I’m shinin’ like some VVS’s, keep protections
(Stop playin’ on me)
“Now who’s that?” When I pull up, that’s what women whisper
Or, “who’s he?” That’s what all these jealous niggas thinkin’
Or, “who’s he livin’ with?” I got my exes peekin’
I was outside of my body
You was [?] extension
I like to draw out every vision, got a sketch and pencil
I erase mistakes, I’m gettin’ paid, won’t catch me slippin’
You don’t know what I been through, went ain’t got time to listen
But you ain’t hesitate for favors, you would always hit me
Stop playin’, where I’m from, they still put bars on windows
The scars gon’ last on this pain and I’m gon’ still remember
Where I’m from, I’m a Rolls, so I had to tint the windows
I’m lowkey when I go home, I don’t be takin’ pictures
‘Cause where I’m from, they put you on a shirt, shoot up the vision
Get my money and stay low, business is that simple
When I die, I hope they know what I did
Gotta talk all my shit
‘Cause it’s some niggas who wouldn’t do it when I’m here
But when I’m gone, when I’m dead
They’ll be finally standin’ over my grave
And they still ain’t live the life that I lived
It’s the kid, yeah


Song: Never Change
Artist: Ye Ali
Album: Private Suite 4: The Mixtape (2022)
Music: Buddaflywolf
Lyrics: Ye Ali

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