NEVER GAVE 1 Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “2022 is gone“, music has been produced by Twiztedgrimz, and NEVER GAVE 1 song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).


No (No, no, no)
I really never gave one
No one now (Look)

Why did you think I ever cared about you?
You tried to ruin my life, I should’ve doubted you
I had no doubt in my mind that wouldn’t shake
“Now you turn fake? I can’t even shake”
Can’t shake all the pain you gave me
I really don’t know about that, shit, it caged me
Why did I let you encase me? I’m glad you’re gone now
Like you can’t phase me
Phase me like ten, that’s how many seconds you got left
Phasе me like ten, I don’t know all about thе risk
I never gave one, I didn’t give no fucks
I really don’t care
I got you now, but you ran out of my life
Because it felt so right (I know I am-)
“You were there for me from the start, but that didn’t matter”
“I was so blind, my brain started to shatter”
“My heart shattered when you left me”
Wait, I didn’t say that
Don’t try to correct me
You think you know me, but you don’t want to fight back
After I caught you lacking, all you did was lack
I caught you lacking, caught you slacking
I don’t know about this fashion
I don’t care about no fashion, I’m not no fucking Bashas’
You’re about to die, necrosis, fasciitis
Don’t give a fuck, yeah, bitch, find us
You can’t fight this pain
“I think I’m going insane”
You can’t fight this pain
About to die in your grave
Oh, what is it going to say on your tombstone?
Oh, it’s not going to be engraved
I don’t know about that, shit, you’re not going to get saved
Not going to get saved
I’m not Superman, you’re not Lois Lane
I don’t even know it, stay in your lane
I don’t care about that shit, it’s not okay
It’s not alright (Ah), I’m out of spite (Ha)
(Ha, nevermind) Out of sight, I’m too fucking blind (Ha, ha)
Wait, you were blindsighted?
I’m done with that bitch, even if I write it?
I don’t give a fuck, “Yes, I’ll write it”
Uh, look at the fine print (Yeah)
Look at the fine print, “It says-”
Oh wait, this is wild, “Can’t read it”
I don’t give a fuck about that shit
I’m done with my-, your life
Then go ahead and depleted it, I can’t beat it
“What does the fine print say?”
“I don’t even know”
It says “Get out of my way” (I- um)
I know I’m reading that wrong, but who gives a fuck?
Not me because I never gave one

You gave up
You gave up
You gave up
Now, you’re in the clouds, let me gaze up (Uh)
You gave up
You gave up (Uh)
You gave up
“Now, I’m in the clouds”, gaze up

Oh, wait, I can’t look up
I can only look down at your downfall
I don’t even know
Don’t know who else to fucking call (I don’t even know)
You don’t need no support, no backup
Oh shit, you want to fight? (Bitch)
You better back up, don’t act up like FAFSA

Uh, Tre $avage


Album: 2022 is gone (2023)
Singer: Tre $avage (USA)
Music: Twiztedgrimz
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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