NRF Freestyle Lyrics by Clavish, from the album “Rap Game Awful“, music has been produced by HD Beats & GO Beatz, and NRF Freestyle song lyrics are penned down by Clavish, HD Beats & GO Beatz.

NRF Freestyle Lyrics

GO Beatz
HD Beats

I been through the wars, mad pain, not mentionin’ stress
Take away my taps, I still got a lot on my chest
Crash, aimin’ for your hat, why you coppin’ a vest?
I told ****, but, he’s shook to finesse
‘Nough niggas gon’ fail if they get put to the test
A youngin talkin’ ’bout an opp, he tryna put him to bed
I’m always clean, but, when it’s time to step, I’m makin’ a mess
They gave my nigga half a decade for a pick and a text
Kurt gave me more weight so I can put it in pebs
He just wanna see me shine, it’s all love and respect
He make sure we got guns that got lots of lеd
And the funny thing is, he ain’t evеn from the end (Word)
Bitches think I’m weird ’cause we hit and don’t chat again
My niggas think I’m weird ’cause I don’t want rapper friends
Me and Keegz used to play with the .9 all night
Then come back the next day and babysit the mache’ again
I’m C-L-A-V, I ain’t doin’ rap battles
Might send two disses, nothin’ that I can’t handle
Finesse food, switch sim, to me, that’s no hastle
Last **** I saw, gave him more drip then flannels
Promoters think they can tell me how much people I come with
If I can’t bring my whole gang, then, fuck your money
I’m in Dubai in the big Benz, fuck the Culli’
Susie only wants rice, she said, “Fuck the curry”
You can say that I just rap, but, minus that, I’ve still done more than you
And, that’s no cap, I’m puttin’ that on my dead niggas, you should know that
Leave his top red, now, he’s twinin’ with a Coke can
I’m lucky there was no cam’, I’m so gang
I think I should ‘low it ’cause I’ll ride for you
But, would you ride for me? Now, I doubt it
The love’s still there, just don’t wanna be around him
I don’t do F, so, my runners literally cost me a thousand
I’m married to the Queen’s head, don’t plan on havin’ affairs
If I say I need teeth, I ain’t chattin’ veneers
How you still on the twos? You been trappin’ for years
If M got paralyzed, he’ll probably trap in a chair
Stylin’ teachers is childish when I think of it
I saw man drivin’ ’round in somethin’ equivalent to my pinky ring
I’m in the club, dimmers tryna bring it in
Locked eyes a couple times and that’s how I know she’s on minglin’
I’m gonna miss ****, we were actually bros
Broke my heart when I found out it’s a statement he wrote
Niggas ain’t on bangin’ out or trappin’ hard
Why the fuck he outside? You’re better off stayin’ at home
If my nigga gets to jeet, that don’t mean he ain’t innocent
She fell out with her friend, they’re both tryna get intimate
After my tape, I’ma go for my publishin’
And, you’ll still see me on my block like some idiot
Pros and cons when the droppers start pissin’ in my sheets
Must be a magic trick, how you fit it in them jeans
I don’t give a toss, cuttin’ through **** in a Porsche
With a cute one, but, her back bigger than my dreams
I was up early mornin’, really lickin’ all them fiends
Been shot at close range, I guess I’m here for a reason
The tea that I’m sportin’, of course, it’s in season
I don’t do dates, I hit girls without treatin’
I ain’t got that many friends, drivin’ coupes are not a problem
Crash in and out of jail, each time is not for shottin’
Uptown, if Jamies got his rambo knife
When we’re shoppin’, I just hope we don’t see no oppers (H-D Beats)
In the hoop for five years, I just hope we don’t see no coppers
Used to eat in a restaurant with a rocket, gang


Song: NRF Freestyle
Album: Rap Game Awful (2023)
Singer: Clavish
Music: HD Beats & GO Beatz
Lyrics: Clavish, HD Beats & GO Beatz

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