Runaway Lyrics by Penelope Scott, from the album “Mysteries for Rats / Girl’s Night (Vinyl)“, music has been produced by Penelope Scott, and Runaway song lyrics are penned down by Penelope Scott.

Runaway Lyrics

I’m gonna run away with you
That’s what girls are supposed to do
And if you leave me there
I don’t fuckin’ care

And I don’t even like this mess
I just needed somewhere to stand
You said nobody ever visits
But that’s not fucking true, is it?

And I don’t even like to drink
I hate that headache, cigarette stink
But I’d take years off just to love you
How else was I supposed to tell you?

Don’t give me that beautiful face
It’s okay if your jaw shakes
You wanna hear a joke that isn’t funny?
I want you in my life in my twenties

I like you, I love this
I wanna push your buttons
I like you, I love it
Without your friends you’re nothing

It hit heavy in the vaporwave
But they felt like that in the Reagan days
Mutual aid in the laundry room
Anarchy on zoom

And I look so damn sweet [???]
A telltale sign of a wasted youth
You wanna hear a joke? It’s kind of dirty
I think I wanna live to be thirty

I like you, I love this
I wanna make you breakfast
I like you, I love this
A networth leaves you breathless


Song: Runaway
Artist: Penelope Scott
Album: Mysteries for Rats / Girl’s Night (Vinyl) (2023)
Music: Penelope Scott
Lyrics: Penelope Scott

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