Cemetery Pigeons Lyrics by Penelope Scott, from the album “Mysteries for Rats / Girl’s Night (Vinyl)“, music has been produced by Penelope Scott, and Cemetery Pigeons song lyrics are penned down by Penelope Scott.

Cemetery Pigeons Lyrics

Cemetery pigeons, checking out the graves
Cemetery pigeons, leaving little footprints on the dirt beside a paved walkway
Cemetery pigeons, are you from abroad?
Do you ever think about the pigeons that you lost?

Well, I don’t want to be here
I don’t want to go home
I don’t want to take up any more space
I don’t want to just bitch and moan

Cemetery pigeons, house pets of the dead
Where do you go when the lake is frozen and you’ve got no stupid red hat for your little grey head?

Cemetery pigeons, phantom skunks
Howls and wails and necropolis snails and the young postmodern punks exhale cigarette smoke
A cold blueberry cloud
During a brief stint I smoked that shit on the delivery route out of town
It felt so unimportant
But I really fucking tried, I could do so much better if I knew how to do it, I cried, while the anarchists danced and got high, they sang “fuck the city”
But I’m always caught in between


Song: Cemetery Pigeons
Artist: Penelope Scott
Album: Mysteries for Rats / Girl’s Night (Vinyl) (2023)
Music: Penelope Scott
Lyrics: Penelope Scott

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