Saving All My Love Lyrics by Omar Apollo, From the Album “Ivory“, Music has been produced by Omar Apollo & Teo Halm, Saving All My Love Song lyrics are penned down by Omar Apollo.

Saving All My Love Lyrics

Aggressive how he God, yeah, you turnin’ both ways
Don’t you lie to yourself, boy, that’s a cold place
See it on your whole face
Don’t get attached to your body, it change with old age
I know you feel that cocaine
I see the lies through your nose
Prince Voilà, I left my body exposed, you left with nada
I’m feelin’ brava (Haha)
Sweat drip down my eyes, yeah, but he got that Prada
And the sun don’t shine and my headphones died and the tide is low
Watch the wings collapse and you free fall down, that’s a dirty road
Turn around (Turn around, turn around)
Everything’s in front of you
Happiness can stay a while
But sometimes it don’t come, alright? (No, oh)
So I wait, why wait?
Do you chase? Not patient
So I saved all my love for you


Song: Saving All My Love
Album: Ivory (2022)
Artist: Omar Apollo
Music: Omar Apollo & Teo Halm
Lyrics: Omar Apollo

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