Shoe Laces Lyrics by Curtis Waters, from the album “Pity Party“, music has been produced by Curtis Waters, and Shoe Laces song lyrics are penned down by Curtis Waters.

Shoe Laces Lyrics

Good job, Curtis!

I’m freaking out
Need a new route
I’m the shame of the family
I’m full of doubts
I’m full of fears
Count up the tears
I keep on ageing and ageing and
Stacking up all of these years, huh

I need to make a change
Can’t live life this way
Need to make a change

From tying my shoes
To tying a noose
Too many choices
What should I choose?
Life is a race
I’m scared to lose
I’m paralyzed
I’m hitting snooze
I’ll need some yellow
Warm up the hue
Been here too long
Just feelin’ the blues
Everything scares me
I hate the news
The world is ending
So, what is the use

I need to make a change
Can’t live life this way
I need to make a change

Growing up I was ashamed of my skin
Now I’m ashamed of my thoughts
Heard beauty comes from within
But my interior’s rotten
Feel like a broken machine
Wishing that I was made proper
I’m too blinded by these dreams


Song: Shoe Laces
Album: Pity Party (2020)
Singer: Curtis Waters
Music: Curtis Waters
Lyrics: Curtis Waters

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