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SOCIAL MEDIA Lyrics by MIA GLADSTONE Ft. Trent the HOOLiGAN, from the album “LOOPY“, music has been produced by MIA GLADSTONE & LIFEOFTHOM, and SOCIAL MEDIA song lyrics are penned down by MIA GLADSTONE & Trent the HOOLiGAN.


I take my shoes off to walk
I shake my snooze off to talk
I break the rules when I stalk online
Social media knocking at the door
Breaking my divine and opening the floor
Dive under, no phones

Life gets better when you’re not there
Not there
And don’t creep through the door
See you every morning
Then I go outside
In the natural light
You want me to stay, but
I know I go crazy
When I get too caught up
On you
You tailor me
To say the least
Talking to you
I’m doomed

Fuck Instagram, fuck Twitter
Don’t tеll me what to post, you’re bitter
I’m a human with еmotions
Won’t you let me fly?
Fly, fly, fly, fly
Go and find your high
Cook capital, eat dinner
Don’t let ’em infiltrate your center
You’re stellar, propeller
Can’t profit off the truth, won’t sell her

I’m off you
Done living in a run through
I am bound to fly (Yeah, okay, okay, yeah)

Do you like me or you like the way my page look?
Amount of likes equate to value in this day and age
Apparently the parents of this generation we call Z
Is not the sperm and egg donors, kinda funny to see
And if we Z, then what come after that? It kinda sound like doomsday
Should probably put the phone down, pick up a bouquet
‘Cause the ice caps melting and polar bears dying
If you take a lookie out your window, countries are fighting
And we ain’t got the answers for it, people chasing money
They so hungry for the green, it make ’em green, they lookin funny
Mama, I wish I could come home and start to Benjamin Button
I don’t wanna be a man, the world is scary and my tummy feeling weird
The doctor told me it’s some shit they call anxiety
I think it stems from the way the world is always frying me
It’s just a theory, though, I ain’t got all my Ps and Qs together
When I draw it up and map it out, I’ll let you know whatever

I’m off you
Done living in a run through
I am bound to fly


Artist: MIA GLADSTONE Ft. Trent the HOOLiGAN
Album: LOOPY (2022)
Lyrics: MIA GLADSTONE & Trent the HOOLiGAN

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