Sorry Not Sober Lyrics by DSTRCT, from the album “Installation 001“, music has been produced by Carl Dimataga & Nicholas Audino, and Sorry Not Sober song lyrics are penned down by DSTRCT, Carl Dimataga, Nicholas Audino & Lewis Hughes.

Sorry Not Sober Lyrics

This time, I’m in control
Next time, I bet I won’t be
This time, I’m on my own
Next time, I bet I won’t seem crazy

Therapy’s helpin’ a bit
Talkin’ to God is a given
Losin’ my family time for the sake of my family
Damn it, it is sickenin’
Holiday season, it should be a breeze for me, it’s becomin’ too difficult
Would rather be spendin’ this time in the living room, is the point that I’m gettin’ to
I ain’t really complainin’ about it and really the studio part is a given too
(Keepin’ my feelings at ten and two)
Right in front of me, right when I get a groove
(Like I’m ADHD in it lately)
It’s startin’ to feel like a piece of me kinda broke
I’m not one of them rappers that say anything on a record to say that I got it though
Momma told me I should stay for some dinner and I had to tell her, “I gotta go”
Moment’s I’m missin’, I know it’s just dinner but after so many it take a toll
I know momma not judgin’ me ’cause I’m her baby boy but it’s still an adjustment
In the midst of me finally makin’ it
Lot of people I fell out of touch with
And my shorty, she can’t even look at me
She think this is as good as it’s gonna be
Tellin’ me, I don’t love her the way that I did before I came into my luxury
How the fuck you gon’ tell me I’m startin’ to change when everything happenin’ good for me?
Startin’ problems, you know that you shouldn’t be (Shouldn’t be)

She’s not worried about me
She’s just afraid of change

Are you scared if I make it, I’ll forget about you and all the moments I didn’t have a dime?
Moments you sent me a couple of dollars and all I could give you was all of my time (Time)
(You’ll be mad if I tell you that you out of line)
Workin’ my life for the moment, I get it and now you don’t know if you’ll be on my side
And I gotta tell everyone that I’m fine
Give ’em a hug, send ’em a smile, I say that it’s great, I know that I’m lyin’
I handle with grace, I’m copin’ with wine
Why I feel out of place and I’m not even tryin’?

This time, I’m in control
Next time, I bet I won’t be
This time, I’m on my own
Next time, I bet I won’t seem crazy


Song: Sorry Not Sober
Album: Installation 001 (2022)
Singer: DSTRCT
Music: Carl Dimataga & Nicholas Audino
Lyrics: DSTRCT, Carl Dimataga, Nicholas Audino & Lewis Hughes

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