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Static Lyrics by GRIP Ft. MARCO PLUS, from the album “5 & A F*** You“, music has been produced by Scalez & DG, and Static song lyrics are penned down by GRIP, MARCO PLUS, Scalez & DG.

Static Lyrics

Ok now my foot on the gas the verse and the hook ima spaz I took em to class play hookie I’m whoopin ya ass they bookin me fast I got me a cushion of cash you wanted to cop what I’m rockin but couldn’t afford it you stood there and looked thru the glass/ The crook in a mask rob you on foot then I dash

The prettiest ugly nigga you done ever seen
I been leveling up since like seventeen
And I’m Runnin wit shooters I’m setting screens he gon get that bitch off he gon let it ring then he fled the scenе unsettling and when 12 came around no onе said a thing only in a peasants dreams could he behead a king

Life is a bitch but I roll with the punches
I eat up these beats I should go do some crunches
No strippers but I got the pole in the function
You reach and I’m putting a hole in ya pumpkin
Hundreds on hundreds need those in abundance
Remember me from school I sold you a onion
I stole on a youngin bagged his sis and skeeted a load on her stomach

Niggas don’t want no static 4x
These niggas don’t want no static 3x

These niggas don’t want no static, I’m shockin
Erratic, obnoxious, im after the profit
The one like MacGrady, I’m packin a rocket
Lackin a conscience
Niggas talk crazy, the gat to his noggin
Pop pop pop, now the cat unresponsive
Bad ass bitch, take her ass to the islands
Imma bag dat bitch then I pass her like Stockton
Ball like the pistons, im badder than Rodman
I’m bigger than diddy, I’m badder than Wallace
Rob a nigga, take the cash out his wallet
Get a nigga stretched for a bag of exotic
Pussy nigga better not lack, imma drop em
I’m off 3 drugs, I might pass off the toxins
Watch my back cuz a rap nigga plottin
Pull up on em like “Do we have us a problem?”
These niggas don’t want issues
Fully loaded pistols
Pull up with a missile, bullet go hit you where the good Lord split you
Hope I don’t miss you
Took the whole clip and I wrote in your initials
This is my reign nigga, no it won’t drizzle
Pop my flav nigga, no it won’t fizzle out
And I’m just tryna show what a nigga’s about
Drop these tracks then fill my account


Song: Static
Album: 5 & A F*** You (2022)
Music: Scalez & DG
Lyrics: GRIP, MARCO PLUS, Scalez & DG

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