The Interview Lyrics by DSTRCT, from the album “Installation 001“, music has been produced by Mustard, 18YOMAN & LEN20, and The Interview song lyrics are penned down by DSTRCT, Mustard, 18YOMAN & LEN20.

The Interview Lyrics

Just wanna say thank you for joining us today
Haha, thank you for havin’ me
Of course, you know, we just wanna ask you a few questions
Nothing too personal, nothing too serious
Just wanna get to know you a little bit
Mm, okay, sounds good, let’s, uh, let’s get started
So why don’t we get started?
Oh, okay, yean, let’s get started, alright
Well, what is love to you?

Ha, the million dollar question
I don’t think it’s somethin’ I could answer like in thirty some seconds
Are you new to it?
Nah, I think I’m pretty used to it
And the feelin’ is amazin’ when it’s mutual
Well, do you want a family?
Definitely after all the Grammys and the rappin’
But if it comes sooner then so be it
What would you do?
I wouldn’t panic, I think I could handle it
‘Cause my momma had me and Bria before she was twenty-six
What was it like for you?
Typical shit, I can’t complain, I lived good as a kid
Separate parents and good friends
Y’all still cool?
Ha, hell yeah, my niggas are like my brothers
They mothers are like my mother, shit, it’s kinda like we blood
Best memory?
Mm, that’s a tough one
I’d say playin’ sports growin’ up
Made memories while at it
And your dreams?
I don’t know, shit, that would be too many thing
Half of ’em bring shit you won’t believe but I’ll be glad to tell you


Song: The Interview
Album: Installation 001 (2022)
Singer: DSTRCT
Music: Mustard, 18YOMAN & LEN20
Lyrics: DSTRCT, Mustard, 18YOMAN & LEN20

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