Welcome 2 Hell Lyrics by Bad Meets Evil, from the album “Hell: The Sequel“, music has been produced by Havoc, and Welcome 2 Hell song lyrics are penned down by Havoc, Magnedo7, Royce da 5’9” & Eminem.

Welcome 2 Hell Lyrics

Yeah (Yeah)
Told you we’d be back (Told you we’d be back)
Welcome to Hell (Welcome to Hell)

There’s a switch I flip, emotions cut off
So cold, I done froze my butt off
And this ain’t even the tip of the iceberg yet
It’s like squirtin’ a squirt gun in the ocean, fuck all
Other words, I ain’t put a dent in the game compared to the damage I’ve yet to do
As long as you still have feelings to hurt, I’ll be around as long as you let me get to you
Long as I got two balls to palm, I’ll be the bomb, you? Just a false alarm
Get scant, little piss-ants, and see if I don’t come along and stomp your farm
Thunder and lightning, rain, hail, sleet with a tornado’s the kinda brainstorm I get
So when wind starts blowin’ shit
Talk about goin’ in? Goin’ insane’s more like it
Wizard of words when he spits hazardous with it like a disastrous blizzard
So you better listen quick, fast, don’t miss it
Yeah, go ahead, little, prick bastard, diss it
But when you get hit with a sick-ass explicit flow
Don’t ask how much of his passion is it that goes in it
Just know that all he knows is that it’s better to kick ass than kiss it
Dick Dastardly of audacity
Mental capacity, unmatched it has to be stopped but it can’t be
But man, I can’t just keep doin’ ’em like that or no one’ll rap with me (Yeah)
Except one, you ask who is it?

Guess who just came through to blast you bitches?
With the ratchet, the book of Matthew, a book of matches
Lighting ’em under white linen (Oh!)
You ’bout to have to admit it
They pass you the mic, ask you spit it
And you got handed your own ass, your ass in your own hands
I’m sure they gon’ laugh when you go into to the bathroom with it (Haha) (Woo)
Now with what would you come against us?
Better be somethin’ with a Bigfoot pedigree
Easily, these are the reasons that we need to be in y’all prayer
Each region breeds ’em, MCs that wanna be the remise
That they wanna breathe our air (Yeah), with these ideas (Yeah)
Anybody thinkin’ the game don’t need the bad and the evil regime
That’s like saying that the Bad Boy Piston team didn’t need Isiah

Shit, piss, and bleed, this is a different breed of MCs, I swear
Better beware, there’s too much at stake and to find someone this raw on a beat is rare
You can kiss my ass and eat shit stains out my underwear that I don’t even wear

This gotta be no fair (Fair), this like hitting the lottery, oh yeah (Yeah)
Who you know hotter? There gotta be no pair (Pair)
Shotty that I got’ll lobotomy your hair
Classic, smash it, smother it, read it and weep it
Perhaps you will have no rebuttal and (Woo)
In fact, you seein’ me in this rappin’ is like saying
Tila Tequila can sing like Jazmine Sullivan

Back to bash your skull again, push a bitch out the Aspen
And tell her get the fuck outta Dodge (Dodge Aspen)
Shouldn’t have to explain my metaphors
You has-beens are duller than color books that ain’t colored in
Second and third, fourth wind, got another wind
Here they come again, none other than Bad and Evil
Also known as Saddam and Osama Bin
It’s been a long time, but I bet that neither one of us
Have felt sicker than we do right now
And we only get iller with time
Me and Nickel fuckin’ shit up on the dime
So telling us to pipe down is like talking to a meth head
Bruce Willis on his death bed, last breath with an infection
Fightin’ it while he’s watchin’ internet porn, ’bout to meet his death with an erection, my God (My God)
What I mean is David Carradine jackin’ his penis in front of his tripod, choking his own neck
What part you don’t get? I’m saying I die hard!

When you listening to my bars, nothing but the F-I-R-E
Coming out your iPod, we come up in a place
Chicks heads start spinnin’ like motherfuckin’ white walls
Got your mother suckin’ my balls while we fuck each other, we punch each other in the eyeballs
And I never say, “I’m so–rry,” the 5’9” and the Fire Marshall
We spit with an intensity to shut shit down
In the industry, two different entities with a propensity
To put these N-U-Ts up inside of your fuckin’
Mouth (Haha, haha)

Oh shit (Oh shit), stop it (Stop it)
Yo, welcome to the CD (Welcome to the CD)


Song: Welcome 2 Hell
Album: Hell: The Sequel (2011)
Artist: Bad Meets Evil
Music: Havoc
Lyrics: Havoc, Magnedo7, Royce da 5’9″ & Eminem

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