(xᴉɯǝɹ pǝpuǝʇxǝ) ɐᴉƃlɐʇsou ʞuᴉd Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “happy new year“, music has been produced by Thatonekid_jb, and (xᴉɯǝɹ pǝpuǝʇxǝ) ɐᴉƃlɐʇsou ʞuᴉd song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

(xᴉɯǝɹ pǝpuǝʇxǝ) ɐᴉƃlɐʇsou ʞuᴉd Lyrics

I don’t know what’s up, what’s up with me right now
Everything’s so strange (Yeah)
Look, everything’s so strange, I don’t know
I’m just going insane (Okay, just playing, let’s-)

This the plan, I don’t care, I got no plan (Look)
I got no manner, I don’t care if it’s a stand up-
I don’t care about the stamina, I think I keep my standard up, up
I don’t care about his clique, don’t run up
Don’t run up, I keep the standard up (Up, up)
I’m feeling nostalgic, I don’t care about nostalgia (Look)
Being nostalgic, I don’t care, I got the power
Don’t care about a bunch of shit, “Look at this beat” Sour
P-I-N-K, P-A-N-T-H-E-R
I don’t know what to say, I’m a superstar
RIP to Black Panther, I know he’s gone
But that’s not my problem anymore, move on
Move on, RIP King T’Challa
Don’t even know about that shit, a menace to valor
I don’t care, I ain’t tripping, I just devour
Pink Panther, feeling nostalgic
No Closеau, but bitch, just found it
I think I found all the clues, don’t evеn know, it’s a ruse
Don’t even know that I can undo
All the damage that I did, I don’t know what’s up with me
This is not no skit, this is not no fear
I’m not no little kid, I’m a damn idol
Everyone be praying on my downfall, don’t pray on me
Don’t even know about, shit’s staling (Ugh)
You can’t understand me, you can’t understand me
I’m feeling nostalgic, ah, I’m overriding
Over, bow down, care, fantastic, overexciting
Exciting (It’s crazy)
I’m a big reason, bitch, just phase me
Can’t even phase me
Phase me like ten
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one
Phase me like ten
That’s how many seconds you got before you’re done

I don’t know what’s going on with me
Everything’s strange, everything’s getting rearranged
I don’t even know why I’m going insane (Everything’s crazy)


Song: (xᴉɯǝɹ pǝpuǝʇxǝ) ɐᴉƃlɐʇsou ʞuᴉd
Album: happy new year (2023)
Singer: Tre $avage (USA)
Music: Thatonekid_jb
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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