Are You Knowledged? Lyrics by iayze, from the album “Reverence“, music has been producedby Diameex, Nineteen & Esskay, and Are You Knowledged? song lyrics are penned down by iayze, Diameex, Nineteen & Esskay.

Are You Knowledged? Lyrics

I get it, I got it
He keep talkin’ out his head
I hit him, he stopped it
She talkin’ ’bout giving me head
I hit her, she stopped it
D-R-A-C-O came with a leg
This a sixty if you knowledged
Walk in Louis and I’m spendin’ bread
That’s a ten-piece, can’t knock it
That’s a ten piece in they pocket
Put my money where her mouth is
She gon’ walk it like she talk it
Up the glick to see if he be ’bout his
Choppa got switch and it’s poppin’
I don’t want her, she popular, I just wanna get the noggin
I been steady tryna talk to her, she won’t lеt me get to talkin’
Shoot the choppa, gеt to walkin’ now, hit from the back now she walkin’ home
She be like, “Did you buy all them clothes?”
You gettin’ too nosy, I’ll stop it, ho
We hit that block and we walk down
And she want me, I’m like, “Not now”
Niggas always wanna talk down, they get shot down
Fuck baby, I’m off the loud
Shit so loud, I ain’t hearing a sound
She so loud, I ain’t hearing a sound
Shit so loud, I ain’t hearing a sound (Sound, sound, sound)
(Sound, sound, sound, sound)


Song: Are You Knowledged?
Artist: iayze
Album: Reverence (2023)
Music: Diameex, Nineteen & Esskay
Lyrics: iayze, Diameex, Nineteen & Esskay

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