Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Movie Lyrics” by an artist named ScHoolboy Q Ft. AzChike. It’s part of an album called “BLUE LIPS,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by J.LBS, Low the Great, Mike Hector & TaeBeast, while the lyrics were a collaboration between AzChike, TaeBeast, Mike Hector & ScHoolboy Q. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Movie Lyrics

Uh-huh (Yeah), yeah (Ooh)
Then today, I find out you fools are paid 275 a line
(Oh my God, fuckin’ crackhead)
I got hoes (Gang, fuck yo’), I got bricks (Face, girl)
I got girls (Steez, bitch), I got licks (Damn, wait)
I gotta get back on a bitch (Gang, gang, gang, gang, wait, oh)
But if it’s one thing you don’t forget
Bitch, I got— (Hoes, boy)
(Never come around, ask Miss America)

Look, bitch, put me in the film
You know these niggas all cap like brims (All cap)
All this water, I could show you how to swim (How to swim)
Let this bitch touch on my third limb
Yeah, nah, fam, you ain’t folk, you ain’t kin (You ain’t kin)
You ain’t the nigga I’ma look to to win (Look to to win)
Bitch, I was broke and I was down, gettin’ it in (Gettin’ it in)
But now I’m up and outta town on yo’ friends (On yo’ friends)
But now I’m up and and outta bounds in a Benz (In a Benz)
With a five-star bitch, a real ten (With a five-star bitch, a real-)
We gon’ plot, we gon’ slide on his mans (Slide on his mans)
Rub the wrong way, wе gon’ chop off your hands, bitch
Let me put you in the moviе (Put you in the movie)
Niggas gettin’ smoked like a loosie (Like a loosie)
Fox 5, Channel 9, make the newsie (Make the newsie)
Ain’t my bad that she chose to be choosy (To be choosy)
Look, I got bitches (Mhm), I got opps (Mhm)
They got set-ups (Mhm), I got drops (Mhm)
I got four packs seals and a pop (Mhm)
I got two steps ahead, I think not (I think not)
I got diamonds (I got diamonds), I got thugs (I got thugs)
I got a thick bitch dancin’ in the club (Dancin’ in the club)
Got the wrong idea, blow his bulb (Blow his bulb)
Movie clips with his bitch in the tub, uh

Put me in the movie
I was a badass kid, like Boosie (Badass kid like Boosie)
Put me in the coupedy
Bitch, you know I came up from hoopties
And I got hoes (Hoes), I got bricks (Bricks)
I got the guns (Guns), I got licks (I got licks)
I gotta get back on a bitch (On a bitch)
‘Cause if it’s one thing you don’t forget
Bitch, I got hoes


Song: Movie
Artist: ScHoolboy Q Ft. AzChike
Album: BLUE LIPS (2024)
Music: J.LBS, Low the Great, Mike Hector & TaeBeast
Lyrics: AzChike, TaeBeast, Mike Hector & ScHoolboy Q

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