​new info lyrics by redveil, from the album “learn 2 swim“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by ​redveil, and ​new info song lyrics are penned down by ​redveil.

​new info lyrics

Yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah

This small circle ain’t for shits and giggles, it’s protection
My energy, my biggest weapon
A sentiment I understood when I was less irreverent
Battles fought with one sword, I never knew to never chase the pendant
Mind and body, one accord
Open the door, but keep the screen locked
The awards come when I’m not tryn’ seek a reward
Releasе resentment of thе soul I was before
‘Cause growth ain’t one direction it’s a tour
Old enough to know I need affection, that’s for sure

That’s for sure
That’s for sure, yeah
That’s for sure
That’s for sure
That’s for sure
That’s for sure

Uh, yeah, look, uh
Keeping the stainless by the window
Loyalty to my kinfolk
Mama ingrained everything I thought was new info
Forced to live in this skin cloak
Forced to live in this state stepping in and out of this limbo
Forcing myself to exit my comfort zone
All that’s been going on when it comes to big growth
And recognizing the absence of keys
People that never knew me asking what happened to me
I was gon’ get thrown if I ain’t fasten the seat
And patience and compassion gon’ keep me in the lead
But I mean spiritually
‘Cause all this capital is fake, they tryn’ distract us with greed
My niggas hungry due to this classic but fascist regime
And I’m chasing ashes if exhaustion the dream
And I’m exhausting the seams
From running, running from these fucking police
They tryn’ dead me ’cause I’m black with a gleam
Can’t nothing cease a nigga back on the scene
Who want the action got the lights and the team
Who want the action got the lights and the team, uh


Song: ​​new info
Singer: redveil
Music: redveil
Lyrics: redveil

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