FREAK Lyrics by Night Lovell Ft. Freddie Dredd, from the album “I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY“, music has been produced by outby16, and FREAK song lyrics are penned down by Night Lovell, Freddie Dredd & ​outby16.

FREAK Lyrics

What happened to you?
Okay, okay, okay, ah shit

Wanna take my shine, bitch? (Shine) You can try (Try)
Run up on me, think you slick wit’ it, uh (It’s lit), you gon’ die
Brand new whip, I take no pic wit’ it (No pics)
Tell them ni**as “thought I really wasn’t sick wit’ it?” (Oh), I made ’em cry
Can’t believe it’s me, I got a lot of shit just to keep
It just f*cks wit’ me, I’m hopin’ that this shit ain’t just a dream
I’m not backin’ off, on and off, that bitch f*ck wit’ me
I just break her back, send her back (Yeah), no, I never keep ’em (Yeah)
Ni**a, I’m the f*ckin’ runnin’ back (Okay), see me, then I’m gone (Okay)
She so sexy, had to run it back (Yeah), third time is a charm (Yeah)
All that ass, what I’ma do wit’ that? (Yeah) Can you see that thong? (Yeah)
Usеd to only like ’em all brunettе (Yeah), now I like ’em blonde (Yeah)
Either way she look like she just left Calypso water park (Okay, oh)
Got two German bitches wit’ me, they both high like Miramare (Okay)
Should I cash on the Patek, or should I cop the Audemar? (Okay)
Showed her how to take this dick (Yeah, ‘kay), ho said to take dick seminar
Don’t complain, this is everything I wanted to myself
I’m okay, but it’s a lot of demons stuck under my belt
It came fallin’ down, all I found was shit I hate to see
Bitch, look at me now, all this shit has turn me to a freak

Freak, freak
DOOMSHOP, motherf*cker

I hear you, roger that, I come in, make them f*ckin’ mad
You, you lookin’ like a freak, I flash that gat and watch you tweak
I, I get a kick from it, I like to watch these bitches switch (‘Ches switch)
These switches come from riches, see that drum, you turn to snitches
I, I don’t just hit the block, I make ’em flock and watch ’em drop (Drop)
I’m countin’ hella shots, equip the grip and let it pop
Your papa droppin’ some, I think I gave it for his funds
I like a sniper gun, I think it look really fun
This one, this one for the freaks with the gets up
Catchy, catchy gets up, f*ckin’ with the best, bruh
This, this one for the bitches, shut yo’ f*ckin’ shit
I’ll rap and murder it, just test me once, I’ll make a hit


Artist: Night Lovell Ft. Freddie Dredd
Album: I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY (2023)
Music: outby16
Lyrics: Night Lovell, Freddie Dredd & ​outby16

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