MY DAY IS RUINED ! Lyrics by Night Lovell, from the album “I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY“, music has been produced by outby16, and MY DAY IS RUINED ! song lyrics are penned down by Night Lovell & ​outby16.


F*ck it up, f*ck it up, f*ck it up (​outby16, or dead on the scene, but together for f*cking ever), f*ck it-f*ck it-f*ck it up
F*ck it up, f*ck it up, f*ck it-f*ck it-f*ck it up (Ayy, ayy)
Oh my God (Ayy, ayy), put it off, it sounds like shit (Ayy, ayy)
Shut the f*ck up (Ayy, ayy), Jesus f*ckin’ Christ (Ayy, ayy)
Stop f*ckin’ up my day (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Ayy, ayy (Ayy), ayy, ayy, ayy (Ayy, ayy)

F*ckin’ up my day, all these wack bitch ni**as wanna test me (Yeah)
Can’t believe that I become the problem for these mini-mes (Goddamn)
All you ni**as babies, hope you find a bitch that breastfeed (Yeah)
Thought they was gon’ check me, them ni**as got cold feet (Brr, ayy)
F*ck it up, f*ck it up, all my ni**as f*ck it up (Ah, shit)
I’m slidin’ with the mafia (Ayy) and we came to f*ck it up (Ayy, ayy, yeah)
They came tryna buck up and got they ass f*cked up (f*ck)
Like a paint chip, we gon’ get yo’ ass touched up (Drop)
I want all the money that you owe me, nothin’ lesser (Less)
That bitch say she learned a lot from me, I’m a professor (Professor)
Two bitches on top of one another, double-decker (Yeah)
Don’t give (Yeah) a f*ck about your ni**a, I’m a homewrecker, yah

You don’t ever see me ’cause I never go outside
Crazy bitch at the crib said she want her hands tied
It’s asinine to try this team of mine
We’ll blow your ass back to ’09, back to back in time, yah
Ni**a, just know yo’ place (Mafia)
I got it all, the money, the cars, and clothes
Shit, I can never forget the hoes
Bitch, that shit can make you fold (Yah)
You say you wanna see me, better hope that you can keep me
I dick her down so well, that’s why she’ll never f*ckin’ leave me

Ayy (Stupid bitch), ayy, ayy

They say I’m that ni**a (Ni**a)
They know nothin’ bigger (Bigger)
Inside my cherry pick-up (Yah)
Life is gettin’ tricky, but you bitches can’t trick me (Ayy)
You was actin’ stupid, so it got you in a sticky (Ayy, ayy)
Used to like ’em slim, but I want a bitch thicker (Ayy)
That bitch pussy tight, it got my f*ckin’ dick gripped (Gripped tight)
Extendo clip, forty deep, pullin’ up, sticks tucked (Pow, pow)
Don’t pull up to my crib, Zuzu leave yo’ ass bit up
Talkin’ ’bout my family get you lit up like a candle (Candle)
You ni**as started shit I know for sure that you can’t handle (Yah)
You think we can’t find you, but we drivin’ ’round the city
‘Til the sun up, sun up, sun up, sun up, sun up, yah
Please don’t underestimate me (Okay), you can’t recreate me (Okay, yah)
I’ve been f*cked up since a kid, yeah, you can’t save me (Yah)
You can tell me that you love me, but you can’t date me (Yah)
Regardless, all the shit I’ve been through, this shit shape me, bitch


Artist: Night Lovell
Album: I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY (2023)
Music: outby16
Lyrics: Night Lovell & ​outby16

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