Garfield (Like A Devil!) Lyrics by Knock Monsterr ft. Genghis Yajj & A Hype (US), from the album “Kind Stranger“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Knock Monsterr, and Garfield (Like A Devil!) song lyrics are penned down by Knock Monsterr, Genghis Yajj & A Hype (US).

Garfield (Like A Devil!) Lyrics

Have you ever danced with a devil? In the pale moonlight?
Did you?
Knock-knock, there’s a monster!
No, but I did
And I did like a devil

I’m turning to a monster like Garfield
Head spinning doing cartwheels, so real
Stumbling out the back, I know my point still stands
Cross me, boy, I teach you a lesson like Dhar Mann
Pull up like a Monsterr, hierarchy like lobster
#1 Devil daughter, bad bitch behind the slaughter
Ought to be real with me, you don’t know what you’re seeing
I am the life-form, bitch, I’m the being!
I hit the beat and do my funny littlе clown dance
Your history is gonna put you in the ground, man
Trans and I bullet dodgе like Matrix maneuver
Yeah, I’m riding that high, hop on that bitch like a scooter
I’m living in your computer, not a virus but a behemoth
I’m at war with my demons, on the side of the demons
Man, I’m feeling kinda silly, man, I feel like a god
I’ma gaslight ‘em, Gegis finish the job

Yeah, the DJ of a new age
I’m here just to tell you why I’m on your grave
Your death was a most awful mistake
And your job is now done, it’s a scene of the sun
Yeah, you better step it up
No matter what you make, it’ll never be enough
There’s only one place where you’re gonna go
And that place is six feet below

Eating this beat up like I’m Garfield
Competing on the meet up, watch a star wield
His shield, his sword, I feel like the Lord
Real deal, and I’m toward, legend status, edge them mad piss
Poor moods away, sure dudes’ll say
“A, why you try to keep going at it?”
I tell ‘em my cerebellum won’t stand for ho’ing at it
Don’t land on con shit, I’m on flowing don shit
Knock Monsterr, we sock ‘em like a mobster
Dock ‘em dead bled head to the sea like Red Lobster
I dread sponsor ’cause that fo’ the money
Fo’ sho’ no, ain’t funny, my fly high dunny
It lowers the norm, come and goers just form
When you on top, when you flop in mud like worm
Crud’ll swarm, you gotta have ya own back
Lotta have got blown wack, self love the key of grown stack

I’m not the monster
No, I’m just ahead of the curve!
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock
Yes, come to me, come on
I’m not the monster, no
This music is not killing me
Slow it down, and make Atticus’ bass louder, okay?


Song: Garfield (Like A Devil!)
Singer: Knock Monsterr ft. Genghis Yajj & A Hype (US)
Music: Knock Monsterr
Lyrics: Knock Monsterr, Genghis Yajj & A Hype (US)

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