SHED TEARS Lyrics by Killer Mike, from the album “MICHAEL“,  music has been produced by No I.D., and SHED TEARS song lyrics are penned down by Killer Mike.


You’re so eager to please the white man
The same as you
You gotta have both ways
Well militancy
The same as you I guess
Except I don’t like to
Why don’t you join the team, man
Team, man
I’m not playing any games
Now wait a minute

Just know that your days are numbered
Your troubles may come in doubles
In form of your former lovers
They use your kids for revenge
Did you done her but never loved her
Brother done made her suffer
Laughter a single mother
No malice when I was younger
Barely filled with that hunger
Barely could help my mama
How could I be father
Getting harder
I remember dropping our babies off
At the church nursery
I remember seeing hurt
All alone in the church service
Asking God to reveal me a plan
And a higher purpose
Once a boy now I’m grown
Immaturity gone
Lying scheming and dreaming
Ask anybody that know me
I been suffer slowly for years
And now I’m like Kobe shed tears

I’m right here waiying
Rest for your soul
I’ll give you rest you rest
Today is the day you find
Trust in me always
I will give you rest (rest)
Rest for your soul

Love nothing k we cut from it
Troubled young
They ain’t think nothing
For your soul
Product of my environment
I am nothing but it
We prepare ourself for the penitentiary
It come with thuggin
Get teary
I wish I could hit youf deurt

I’ll give you rest for soul

I shed tears
In the


Artist: Killer Mike
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Lyrcis:Killer Mike
Music:No I.D.

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