Try Harder Lyrics by Tre $avage (USA), from the album “no discrimination“, music has been produced by Tre $avage (USA), and Try Harder song lyrics are penned down by Tre $avage (USA).

Try Harder Lyrics

I know I have power, but what’s my worth?
I’m worth less, but I’m not worthless
When I started, everyone was doubting me
What I been through wasn’t a lie, wasn’t a fallacy
My mentality is insane, but I’m not in sane
I’m in pain, like a window, not see through
I had breakthroughs, but couldn’t break through
Tired of the astigmatism, feel like an enigma
Trying to live better, however, I’m getting worse
Trapped in a hearse, I’m living a curse
For better or worse? I can’t reimburse
I’m an eruption of madness, about to burst
Should I leavе, disperse?
Don’t know the causе of these triggers, my pain will always linger
Lingering, my life isn’t peaceful scenery
Don’t ridicule, belittle me, my emotions are the enemy
Sorry, end of me
Always failing, never prevailing
Understated, always hated, full of hatred
Thought I was special, sacred? (Yet-, yet-), yet, I’ll never make it
My lifestyle isn’t for debating, tired of waiting
Reality breaking, drifting apart
Not a part of this world anymore
Like dystrophy, I’m torn
Not the same as before
Mindset was clear, nothing was to interfere
Having nightmares, now, everything enters as a fear
I’m mere, bleak, I’m weakened by despair
Everything that’s wrong is beyond repair
All this shame, it’s not the same
Tried to maintain, too much of a strain
I’m deteriorating into nothingness
All these painful thoughts, I reminisce
Don’t know how, don’t know where it started
To my downfall, nobody hears the pain in my calls (Try to-)
Tired of all the remorse, can’t stay on course
People tried to prove me wrong
People tried to prove me wrong, that what I been through is fraudulent
So every day, try to cope, try to repent

Spent every dollar, every cent


Song: Try Harder
Artist: Tre $avage (USA)
Album: no discrimination (2023)
Music: Tre $avage (USA)
Lyrics: Tre $avage (USA)

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